About Us

John Anthony Jewellers has been serving Waterloo Region for more than 35 years. As an independant jeweller we pride ourselves on our commitment to high-quality jewellery and value. We specialize in custom design and can create the perfect heirloom for any occasion.

We believe that having accurate information about precious metals, gemstones, and jewellery care and maintenance is the best way to ensure that you are satisfied with your jewellery.  We encourage all clients and visitors to our store to ask questions about their purchases, repairs, and existing jewellery.

Most people view fashion and style as near-synonyms. We believe that timeless style is superior to fleeting fashion. Style is the art of bringing your defining individual features to the forefront, regardless of what others may think. By choosing style over fashion, we believe you can achieve an honest expression of yourself, and that confidence will stand the test of time.

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As you browse our showroom and online catalog you will find we carefully curate our inventory and focus on quality and creative design. We tailor our custom design services to you as an individual. If you would like to explore style and how it suits you as an individual, please stop in and we can tailor your fine-jewellery to match.